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Fees and charges

Schedule of fees and charges for housing standards service - April 2018

Non-statutory inspections eg UK entry inspection   £116 + VAT (£139.50)
Housing Act  notices*

(fees not subject to VAT) 


(up to six habitable rooms)

+ £34.50 per habitable room (capped at 10 rooms)

Mandatory HMO licensing
(habitable room = living room or bedroom)
(fees not subject to VAT)
Up to six habitable rooms (habitable room = living room or bedroom) £532
  Seven habitable rooms                    £563
  Eight habitable rooms                    £594
  Nine habitable rooms                    £625
  10 or more habitable rooms    £655

10% discount if Accredited Landlord

£72 for licence variation

Review of suspended Housing Act 2004 Notice**
(fees not subject to VAT) 
Works in default of notice (fees not subject to VAT)    Cost of work
+ £68 per hour admin fee
Landlord accreditation     No charge
Accredited landlord training (one day course) Accredited landlords £67
   Accredited agents £67
  Non-accredited landlords/agents £118
Online (fees not subject to VAT)    No charge

* includes improvement notice, emergency remedial action notice, prohibition order, emergency prohibition order and demolition orders not deferred action notices

** includes suspended improvement notice and suspended prohibition notice

For a full explanation of the activities and approach undertaken by the Housing Standards team please refer to the Private Sector Housing Enforcement protocol.

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