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Standards and guidance for landlords

Housing Health and Safety Rating System

The Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS or the Rating System) was introduced under the Housing Act 2004. It is a risk based assessment of the potential risks to health and safety from any deficiencies identified in dwellings during a property inspection. There are 29 hazards that deficiencies can be assessed and scored against, which depending on the outcome of the assessment can result in either a Category 1 or Category 2 hazard. Category 1 hazards are more serious and we have a duty to take a course of action. For less serious hazards, e.g. Category 2 hazards, we have the power to take necessary action.

However, in line with our Enforcement policy, we will work with the Landlord in the first instance to provide an opportunity for them to carry out remedial works to remove or reduce the hazards before enforcement is considered, such as serving a Hazard Awareness Notice, Improvement Notice or Prohibition Notice. In the case of imminent risk of harm, there are emergency action options available.

Physiological requirements

Hygrothermal conditions

Damp and mould growth

Excess cold

Excess heat

Pollutants (non-microbial)

Asbestos (and MMF)


Carbon monoxide and fuel combustion products



Uncombusted fuel gas

Volatile organic compounds

Psychological requirements

Space, security, light and noise

Crowding and space

Entry by intruders



Protection against infection


Falls associated with baths

Falling on level surfaces etc

Falling on stairs etc

Falling between levels

Electric shocks, fires, burns and scalds

Electrical hazards


Flames, hot surfaces etc

Collisions, cuts and strains

Collision and entrapment


Position and operability of amenities

Structural collapse and falling elements