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Organising a street party

The British Street Party today is very much a celebration of a 21st century community, diverse in ethnicity and culture. By 'street party' we mean one that is organised by and for all residents in one or two small streets, without external publicity. A wider public event in more streets needs extra arrangements.

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Street party flag bunting

You must apply for a street party at least eight weeks prior to your event. We will then consult all statutory bodies on your behalf and will advise what action you need to take.

Road closures

Cheshire West and Chester Council considers road closures for street parties or small community events

The Council will seek to cover its costs and not seek to make any profit from road closures for street parties. For profit-making groups, there will be a fee to cover the cost of administrating the closure request through all the stages and producing the legal order. However for national celebrations such as the Great Poppy Party Weekend, or small not-for-profit community or parish events, Cheshire West and Chester Council will waive the admin fee.

If permission is given you will be expected to display warning signs, normally two weeks before the event, plus road closed signs and cones on the day of the event. The Council does not have any of these items but will advise you where you can get them. You will also be expected to have appropriate Public Liability Insurance for the event.

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