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Christmas lights and decorations


Before installing Christmas outdoor lighting and decorations in the community, you must request permission from us and you will need to consider the following things:

Your responsibilities

  • it will be your responsibility to purchase the Christmas outdoor and decoration
  • you must organise a registered contractor to install the lights or decorations (we can provide advice on local contractors)
  • you will need to apply to your local energy supplier for your MPAN number (Meter Point Administration Number). The number uniquely identifies your electricity supply point that will power your Christmas lights or decorations (please note that you will be billed directly by the electricity supplier for the power you use).
  • you will need to consult with local residents and business groups where the lights or decorations will be located – consent in writing must be obtained for decorations fitted to private property


  • the lights must be a minimum of 5.8m above road surface (excluding Christmas Tree lighting applications)
  • over pedestrian areas lighting must be 2.5m over head height (for pedestrian areas where emergency services require access minimum height must be 5.8m above road surface)
  • a structural test will need to be completed to assess wall/anchor point fittings or column/pole strength for all new installations and any decorations installed for over five years

More guidance on specific Christmas outdoor lights and decorations:

Application checklist

  • you must have had a site visit from one of our street lighting engineers (if required)
  • you must have permission to install electrical apparatus on or over the adopted highway or attachments to highway street furniture
  • licence to install electrical apparatus on or over the adopted highway or attachments to highway street furniture
  • final inspection from the Highway Authority for approval to light installed decorations
  • MPAN (meter point administration number) requested from local energy supplier
  • details of the site location
  • type of lighting e.g. cross street, pole mounted, Christmas Tree
  • if known, the light switch on date