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Christmas lights and decorations

Electricity supplies for Christmas lights

Christmas lighting

For Christmas lighting, a termination unit containing a time switch control, RCCD and separate fuse will be fitted. A weather proof socket outlet will be fitted near to the top of the column to supply the feature. This work will be re-chargeable, one-off charge per service point.

Features attached to the lighting column must be fitted by an approved contractor and they must have a current Scottish Power ERG39 Certificate. They must be tested prior to and after installation and a test certificate must be provided for each supply point each year in use.

Before making an application please also note the following conditions:

Energy provider

We are not an energy provider, so an application must be made to Scottish Power requesting permission to extract energy from an un-metered power source. On consent, Scottish Power will issue an MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number), this number must be entered on to your application to us.

We will install a termination unit within the column to accommodate controls for additional supplies (this is a chargable service).

Please note: All energy charges are the responsibility of the applicant.

Contact Scottish Power