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Guide to noise nuisance

What noises we deal with

We will investigate ongoing or regular noise problems. However, if the noise is a one-off or limited in duration, e.g. a party, it is unlikely we will be able to help you. Unless its an alarm.

What noises we don't deal with

  • children playing, for example in a garden, public space or park
  • babies crying
  • voices unless it is unreasonably loud or at unreasonable times
  • everyday domestic noise, for example washing machines, vacuuming, mowing lawns, boilers
  • rowdy behaviour outside – this is a police matter
  • traffic noise including essential roadworks and maintenance
  • railway noise including essential maintenance
  • aircraft noise

Sometimes, people are not aware they are causing a disturbance. Once they know, they will reduce or stop the noise as soon as possible. This is why we ask that you approach your neighbour first before contacting us.

Collecting evidence

This is an important part of the process, we have a number of tools and advice on what you need to do, see collecting evidence.

How to report a noise nuisance

You can report a noise complaint online or you can print a form to complete. As part of your complaint you will also need to include the evidence you have collected.

Make a noise complaint

What happens next

We will review your complaint and evidence, and investigate the noise disturbance. If there is enough evidence to confirm that the noise is a nuisance, we will issue a notice asking for the noise to be reduced within a specified timescale.