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Air quality monitoring

We monitor local air quality around the clock using a range of sophisticated 'real-time' analysers as well as a network of simpler diffusion tubes.

Real-time monitoring

Opsis equipment

We currently operate six real time stations which monitor pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and particulates as well as weather data.              
An interactive map shows all the realtime monitoring stations within Cheshire West and Chester and by selecting an icon it allows access to the data gathered at each station. Our  Realtime Monitoring Graph page provides access to graphs of the most recent monitoring data.

Diffusion tubes

Two diffusion tubesWe have been using diffusion tubes since 1986 to monitor nitrogen dioxide and benzene. We currently use over 50 tubes, at a range of locations across the borough. They are very useful and play a major role in our monitoring regime as they can be fixed to lamp-posts and building facades close to the source of pollution. The interactive map shows all the diffusion tube sites in Cheshire West and Chester. You can access the data at each site and search by postcode.

Data management

An 'EnviMan' database collects data from the analysers several times a day and then sends information out to the website and public display units.  

The results from the air quality monitoring campaign have proved very useful for local air quality management and form a key part of the consultation process for the future development of housing, industry, roads and commerce within the area.

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