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Diffusion Tube Sites - Northwich area

The tables below show air quality monitoring data for diffusion tube sites in Northwich and Barnton. Readings are in micrograms per cubic metre. The annual objective for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is 40 micrograms per cubic metre.  Results are as recorded at the monitoring site and do not necessarily represent pollution levels at nearby residences.


 Site  Type  Pollutant  2016  2017  2018  2019
 Chester Way CN  Kerbside  NO2  n/a n/a  33.0  31.0 
 Griffiths Road GR  Roadside  NO2  n/a n/a  24.1  21.6 
 King Street KR  Roadside  NO2  35.2 33.9  32.0  32.2 
 Rudheath Primary RPS  Roadside  NO2  n/a n/a  42.4  40.5 
 Station Road NSR  Roadside  NO2  n/a  n/a  38.0  35.3 
 Winnington Hill NWH  Roadside  NO2  n/a n/a   41.5 41.7 


 Site  Type  Pollutant 2016  2017  2018  2019 
 London Road DA            Roadside  NO2  n/a  n/a n/a  19.1 


 Site Type  Pollutant  2016  2017  2018  2019 
 Greenbank Lane GB      Roadside  NO2  n/a n/a   17.3  16.0


 Site Type  Pollutant  2016  2017  2018  2019 
 Delamere School DEL   Roadside  NO2  n/a n/a  20.2  19.0 

Diffusion tube sites can be viewed on the diffusion tube map below.

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