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Map of automatic monitoring stations

Please note: we are currently unable to display all the data from the monitoring stations because of a communications fault, however, all analysers continue to operate as normal

We use high-tech analysers to monitor air quality at a number of roadside, industrial and background locations. Select an icon to display current air pollution readings and the relevant health advice.

Key to map symbols
SymbolReal-time monitoring station type
Monitoring station icon

Monitoring station containing one or more automatic point monitoring analysers. Data collected as 15 minute or one hour averages.

Opsis monitor icon

Opsis monitors at rooftop height in Ellesmere Port. Acts both as an urban background site and a fenceline monitor for industrial emissions. Data collected as 15-minute averages.


For residents of Ellesmere Port this information is available on the electronic display board in the town. 

Please note: All the data presented is provisional and has not yet been ratified

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