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Building Regulations for homeowners

Apply for Building Regulations

Please note: from April 2024 you will no longer be able to use 'Submit a plan' to submit your building regulation applications to us.

Please use the form below to submit your application to us.

Once you are sure that you need Building Regulations you can think about submitting your application.

Types of applications

Full plans

This type of application is for when you have architects or surveyors plans drawn up and you would like to obtain an approval certificate for the design. We would recommend that this type of application is used for the more complex jobs such as two-storey extensions and loft conversions.

Building notice

A building notice can be used for most types of domestic work but we would recommend that it is not used if the project is complex or involves lots of structural work such as a loft conversion or a two-storey extension.


This type of application is for where the work has already taken place or has already started and either a building notice or full plans application have not been submitted to us. You can submit a regularisation application for any work that was undertaken without permission as far back as 11 November 1985.


Notice of Completion

It is the homeowners/named applicants responsibility to inform the authority of completion of work within five days.

At the time of Completion, the regulations require a signed statement from the homeowner, principal contractors, and principal designer (where necessary) confirming that, to the best of your knowledge, the work complies with all applicable requirements of the building regulations.

To assist you in meeting your obligations we have created a form for you to complete and return before you arrange your completion inspection.