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Maps Standard Policy

Please note: Any inaccurate or out of date maps that do not meet our service standards will result in the request for a property search being cancelled. The responsibility to obtain a suitable standard of map lies directly with the person(s) or company wishing to enter into a contract with us to undertake the search.

The map

The map must display clearly the land/property to be searched. Also, if this a rural area, at least one road should be shown and identifiable to ensure a correct search is undertaken.

For the request to be accepted by us, the map should:

  • be an Ordnance Survey (OS) map, with up to date and current land lines shown, especially if the land has been developed recently
  • show a clear outline of the area to be searched, e.g. using a red outline, so there is no doubt as to the boundary of the area
  • be of reasonable quality to identify roads, landlines, etc
  • be of a reasonable size and scale to allow us to accurately record the boundary lines of the search
  • and roads falling under box C should be coloured in blue or green to denote this enquiry.

The request will be rejected if:

  • an “x” (cross) located on a piece of land/field
  • development site maps, builder’s estate plans, architects drawings, futuristic plans or plans from utility companies are used as an alternative to the OS map
  • very old OS maps which do not resemble the current land lines are used
  • maps which have been used for previous searches which outline areas, other than the one to be searched, e.g. more than one outline on the map submitted
  • maps of poor quality which do not easily allow identification of the area or boundary lines of the search are used.

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