Submission of Local Authority searches

Search types

We provide a variety of searches:

  • LLC1: This is a search of the Local Land Charges (LLC) Register only (all twelve parts)
  • official search (LLC1 and CON29R): This is a search of the LLC Register and Con29R questions. It covers additional important information about the property, for example, nearby roads. We recommend you have this type of search when selling or buying property
  • Con29O: This form is made up of further questions that concern the property that can be individually chosen. For example, public paths and byways
  • Con29 selectable forms: These are available for you to choose only certain questions on the Con29R form rather than have the whole form completed.

How to request a search


Please ensure that the address is used when requesting a search. We do not accept plot numbers and any such searches will be rejected and you will be asked to resubmit the search with all documents.

Submitting an application and fees

By email

You can email the forms that you wish to request in PDF format along with a plan to make the payment over the phone with a credit or debit card to

Monthly account

If your company is regularly sending searches to us then it is possible we can set it up so you are billed monthly for the searches you submit.

To discuss whether this is available for you please email


We use National Land Information Service (NLIS) Level 3 to accept searches. NLIS is the only electronic land and property searches portal in the market which is government approved and regulated. We ask that you submit them via the NLIS website, or alternatively, email any searches to

We do not accept searches via the post, and we do not accept cheques or BACS payments for LLC searches.

The address you submit on the search must be a postal address. We do not accept plot numbers; any such searches will be rejected, and you will be asked to resubmit the search with all documents.


We do not sell copies of the CON29 or LLC1 forms. You can purchase these from various websites who have approval from the Law Society to sell these.

Map standard

Please ensure the plan you sent in is compliant with the map standard. If it is not compliant your search will be rejected and we will ask you to resend the search with all document.