Conservation and design

    In this section of the website you will find information about conservation.

    Where to find help

    The Cheshire West and Chester council Conservation team can be contacted by email below.

    Conservation areas

    Information about conservation areas and conservation area appraisals can be found below.

    Listed buildings

    There are around 2,500 listed buildings in Cheshire West and Chester, 86 of the buildings are Grade I listed, 180 are Grade II* and the remainder are Grade II listed

    You can find out whether your building is listed below.

    Locally listed buildings

    Distinct from listed buildings, locally listed buildings have been identified as having local interest and importance. The identification as a locally important building comes with no additional restrictions, but any works to the buildings should recognise their interest and be sensitive to that.

    To find out whether your building is identified as of interest, view our interactive mapping system below.

    Article four (2) directions

    Certain properties in Conservation areas are afforded additional protection by virtue of Article four (2) Directions for further information and to see whether your property is affected visit the Planning Portal website below.

    Chester Characterisation study

    In 2012 the Chester Characterisation Study was completed. This document is an assessment of the character of the built environment and natural and designed landscape, as derived from its heritage and history.

    Historic parks and gardens

    Certain public parks and both public and private gardens are identified as being of special interest. Further information about which landscapes are covered can be found below.

    Heritage crime

    Heritage assets can be the subject of a number of different crimes, including architectural theft and graffiti. Cheshire West and Chester Council is working closely with a number of partners, including Cheshire Police, to reduce the occurrences of such crimes.

    Further information