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Trees and hedges

Green infrastructure (GI)

Green infrastructure (GI) is the network of open space, woodlands, wildlife habitat, parks and other natural areas that surround, pass through, and link cities, towns and villages sustaining clean air, water, and natural resources and enriching the lives of residents and visitors.

The benefits

GI has many benefits for the environment and the communities who live in them including:

  • storm water management
  • increasing biodiversity
  • contributing towards improving soil, water and air qualities
  • supporting regeneration and growth
  • creating better places to live
  • growing sustainable communities
  • improving the health and wellbeing of those communities

What we do

We undertake enhancement schemes to improve existing or create new open spaces, with improved access (eg multi-use paths). We seek funding for projects, engage local communities and run consultation events. We input into the strategic planning process to ensure GI considerations are taken into account in the planning system and undertake strategic reviews of open spaces and sports facility provision in line with our policy.

We can provide landscape, design and community consultation support to clients, schools and community groups in considering GI in play area and open space design. We work in partnership with all stakeholders and partners in realising their community aspirations.

Who we work with

We can work with public, private, community and education sector groups to ensure that Green Infrastructure enhancement brings about social, economic and environmental improvements across the borough.