Major road schemes

A56 Chester Road Cycleway Improvement Scheme

Work is continuing on the construction of the cycleway improvement scheme between Helsby High School and Frodsham. Works will continue over the next few months, in a series of phases, working from Helsby High School up to Howey Lane, Frodsham. The main areas of work will continue to be carried out under two sets of temporary traffic signals, and aiming to be completed by mid June, pending no unforeseen issues or any inclement weather and/or Covid restrictions.

Soot Hill, Northwich

The emergency closure of Soot Hill, Northwich in late December 2021 following a land slip affecting a substantial retaining wall that supported the highway.

Improvement programme

Our programme has now started. This includes our regular routine maintenance as well as any additional work in the borough.

Transport disruption in Chester

We are investing in Chester city centre, creating amazing places and high quality facilities for people to enjoy such as Chester Northgate.

Impact to the highways and some inconvenience to journeys into and out of the city centre is unavoidable. We are working to keep disruption to a minimum and keep you informed when and where impact will be the greatest. You can find more information about transport disruption in Chester on our website.

Recent schemes