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Land slip at Soot Hill, Northwich



Due to a land slip involving a substantial retaining wall that supported the highway, an emergency closure of Soot Hill was needed in late December 2021.

The retaining stonework wall dates from the 1800s.

Latest update

The Council's Cabinet has approved construction plans for Soot Hill. Works has now started and the scheduled completion date is by December 2023. The full costs of the works are estimated at £3.5m.

Works programme:

  • Site clearance: March/April 2023
  • Piling works: From approximately May 2023
  • Secure the existing wall: Early summer to autumn
  • Drainage works: Early summer to autumn
  • Retaining wall parapet works: Late summer to autumn
  • Highway works: Autumn/winter 2023
Timeline for Soot Hill

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Drilling boreholes at Soot Hill