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Land slip at Soot Hill, Northwich

Timeline for Soot Hill

December 2023


Autumn/winter 2023

Highway construction works

Late summer to autumn

Retaining wall parapet works

Early summer to autumn

Secure existing wall/drainage works

March 2023

Site set-up begins, cones on carriageway to stop parking

Cabins powered up / health and safety training / inductions

Main works begin, site clearance, create site access and utility trial holes

February 2023

Council Cabinet Paper decision and approval

November 2022

BT to attend site to divert their cabling

Contractor to obtain prices for the repair work required from their supply chain

Contractor to submit confirmed costings to the Council

October 2022

Completion of calculations and drawings for repair works by consultant engineers

  • Status: In progress

September 2022

United Utilities - cast iron water main diverted

  • Status: Complete

Scottish Power on site diverting live voltage cabling

  • Status: Complete

Geotechnical engineers complete report showing analysis of ground investigations

  • Status: Complete

July 2022

Signed contract with contractor to develop detailed solutions and costings to repair the landslip

  • Status: Complete

Commissioned consultant engineers to design repair options

  • Status: Complete

Weekly meetings with both contractors begin

  • Status: Complete

June 2022

Ground investigation works - bore holes drilled to a depth of 20 metres to find out what material is underneath the site

  • Status: Complete

May 2022

Liaison with utility companies to ascertain prices for diverting cables and piping to allow repairs to progress

  • Status: Complete

Ground penetrating radar surveys undertaken to determine the exact locations of all utilities on the site

  • Status: Complete

April 2022

Anchor blocks installed at either side of the collapsed section to create a temporary cable bridge for high voltage cables

  • Status: Complete

Cranes remove large concrete slabs that were previously either side of the collapsed section

  • Status: Complete

March 2022

Propped adjacent building for safety reasons

  • Status: Complete

Contractor commissioned to produce a feasibility report for the repairs

  • Status: Complete

December 2021

Landslip occurred on 28 December 2021 - road closed and signage erected

  • Status: Complete

3D laser scans of the landslip and adjacent building completed

  • Status: Complete