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Old Chester Road, Helsby

Two sections of Old Chester Road in Helsby are currently closed for public safety reasons, with the public highway being impacted by walls belonging to private homeowners.

In separate places along the same road, there have been complex issues involving private homeowners which are ongoing. This has meant that the re-opening of the public highway has been far from straightforward.

The Council's Transport and Highways service has been working with the homeowners about the areas that they have responsibility for, with a view to re-opening the road.

Due to the complex nature of the repairs required, the Council facilitated the appointment of a contractor, as the most practical way forward to resolving the issues for both the Council and the landowners.

Closure area one - Sandstone cutting

The sandstone cutting is the responsibility of the Council and has been surveyed. The wall on top of the cutting is privately owned, the area by the wall has also been surveyed by engineers to confirm the best solution and timescales to secure the area.

Ground investigation is complete, and an anchored rock netting solution is being designed.

Closure area two - Embankment

The embankment at the second location has also been surveyed, and engineering proposals have been submitted by the developer and have been reviewed by the Council. The Council's planner has contacted the developer to request their updated planning application.

The priority is to protect the public and be able to fully open Old Chester Road for vehicles.

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