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Residents parking scheme


If you regularly find it difficult to park by your home because spaces are being taken by non-residents, a residents' parking scheme might help. Although a parking scheme will not guarantee a space it will restrict parking by non-residents increasing the chance to find somewhere to park.

We currently operate schemes in Chester, Ellesmere Port, Northwich and Frodsham and Helsby.

How do the schemes work?

A special type of legal order known as a traffic regulation order is made. This order restricts parking in a certain area. Residents can apply for permits which means they are exempt from these restrictions. Anyone who parks without a permit in breach of the restrictions is subject to a Penalty Charge Notice (a parking ticket). Enforcement officers will carry out checks to make sure that any vehicles parked in the area have valid permits.

Can a scheme be introduced anywhere?

Residents’ parking schemes are not suitable for all areas. Before a scheme is introduced an assessment will be carried out to make sure that a scheme would be feasible. The scheme should provide the most effective way of addressing existing parking problems and should not create new parking problems.

How much does a scheme cost?

The level of the charge will vary according to the scheme and will be set at a level to recover the costs to enforce and administer that scheme. Residents will be informed of how much permits will cost before any scheme is introduced.

Are there any disadvantages?

The overall number of parking spaces sometimes reduces when a scheme is introduced. If bays are created for residents there must be sufficient space left for other vehicles including emergency vehicles to drive through. This can mean that one side of a street is marked with bays and parking is not allowed on the rest of the street to ensure the free flow of traffic.

What if I don’t want a scheme to be introduced?

A scheme will never be imposed on residents. Its success depends upon the cooperation and support of residents. With this is mind schemes will only be progressed when the majority of residents agree to a scheme being introduced. If you are a resident who doesn’t want a scheme you will be given the opportunity to express your views.

How long does it take to introduce a scheme?

The time taken will vary according to the size and complexity of the scheme. The usual steps involved are:

  • a feasibility study
  • initial consultation with residents (to establish whether residents are in favour of a scheme)
  • drafting of a traffic regulation order
  • public consultation on the traffic regulation order
  • consideration of any objections following the public consultation
  • marking the road, installing signs on the road
  • residents apply for permits

How do I request a scheme?

Complete the residents' scheme request form (PDF, 205KB) send it back to us. Please note that for a request to be considered it must be supported by either 10 residents or 25% of households from the affected area. One of the residents (or their representative) should be prepared to attend a Community Forum if required.

Assessing requests for new residents' parking schemes

To make sure that all requests are assessed fairly, a policy has been developed. The policy is applied to all requests for new schemes. The policy principles are designed to help ensure schemes are developed in consultation with local residents and that new schemes are only introduced where there is majority support from residents.