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Roads and footpaths

Our team inspect all roads and footpaths for damage on a regular basis.  These inspections identify a range of issues including:

  • Potholes over 50mm deep
  • Loose cat's eyes
  • Loose kerbs and flagstones
  • Footpath flags raised over 25mm
  • Broken gullies
  • Damaged manhole covers
  • Damaged and blocked grids

Report a fault

Once we've received a fault, we'll investigate it within five working days so we can decide on the urgency and type of work involved.

We will schedule work and conduct repairs as soon as possible. In some cases repairs may be completed as part of our scheduled maintenance.  

Road gullies and drains

We're responsible for maintaining and clearing gullies. Most of them are emptied once a year, but where there are special circumstances we empty them twice a year e.g. unkerbed roads.

We do not maintain sewerage drains or drains leading to and from properties. Issues with sewers should be reported to your water supplier.

Planned roadworks

You can find details of planned roadworks by visiting the notices pages for your area

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