Garden waste collection

    Further information

    Missed collections

    If your missed collection is genuinely our fault, then we will always make every effort to collect your bin as soon as possible.

    We will not issue any refunds for garden waste collection services. In the event of any unplanned suspensions that are not in our control (such as the Covid pandemic) we may consider appropriate action.

    We may refuse to collect your garden waste if your bin contains the wrong materials, is too heavy for us or if it is not placed out in time.

    Please check the contents of your bin before reporting a missed collection.

    Assisted collections

    If you are currently receiving an assisted garden waste collection you will not need to organise a new one if you choose to subscribe to the new garden waste collection service.

    Damaged/stolen green bin

    Replacement green bins will only be delivered to those properties with a current service subscription. Please have your subscription details ready when you order a new green bin.

    Moving house

    If you subscribe and then move to a new house within the borough part way through the subscription year, and you still wish to receive garden waste collections you will need to complete our garden waste change of address form.

    We will then arrange for your permit to be transferred to your new address. Please do not take the bin with you, this must stay with the property. If there is no bin at your new address let us know and we will arrange for a new one to be delivered free of charge.

    Notify us of a change of address