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Garden waste collection

Subscribing to the service

2023 subscriptions

You can now subscribe for the 2023 Garden Waste Collection Service:


How much does it cost?

The service will cost £40 per bin per calendar year regardless of the time you subscribe. This works out at £2 per collection for those who subscribe before the collections start.

Bins will not be emptied without a valid subscription and displayed permit.

At the point of application if you are in receipt of full council tax reduction you will be offered a reduction of 25 per cent (£10) on the cost of one garden waste bin permit. Your eligibility is assessed at the point of application only. If during the subscription year your eligibility changes and you become entitled to a reduction, you will not be offered a refund for monies already paid.

The best time to sign up for the service is between December and February to ensure you receive all 20 collections during the calendar year. You can subscribe for as many bins as you need.

We will make every effort for garden waste collections to be on the same day as household recycling collections. However, please note that this cannot be guaranteed. Garden waste collections may be any day of the week, Monday to Friday. If this is the case you will be notified by us.

When will my subscription start?

Your service will start on the first collection day after you have received your permit and stuck it to your bin. It can take up to ten working days for your permit to arrive following payment. Please check the collection calendar for your next collection date

Refunds will only be provided if you cancel your subscription within 14 days of signing up.

We are unable to accommodate ‘on demand’ collections. Residents who subscribe will pay £40 per bin per year regardless of how many times the bin is presented for collection.

Should I keep my current garden bin?

Yes. You should continue to use your current garden bin.

If your property has space, you should retain your garden bin, even if you choose not to subscribe to the service as the bin belongs to the property. However, if you feel that you do not have space to store the bin and are confident you will not wish to subscribe to the service in the future, you can request for your garden bin to be removed.

Once your bin is removed there may be a redelivery charge of £21 if you decide to subscribe to the service at a later date.

Some residents have garden waste bags instead of bins. If this applies to you, collections will still need to be subscribed for. Each subscription will provide collections for four garden waste bags, one permit will be issued which needs to be fixed to one of the bags that you put out for emptying. Garden waste bags are not offered as an alternative to the bin service.