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Junior Environment Club

The Junior Environment Club is a free online resource for primary schools and community groups to use. It is easy to join the club all you need to do is ask your teacher or group leader to sign up to the club.

Junior Environment Club

How to get started

While you are waiting for your teacher to sign you up, here are ten things that you can do to get your club started:

  • arrange a visit to the Recycle First Visitors Centre
  • set up a system for collecting used paper from classrooms and offices in your school. Take the recycling to the main recycling bin at the end of each day or week. Your school bursar may be able to arrange a container to recycle paper from the company they use to take away the schools waste. Make sure your teachers are recycling too
  • organise a litter pick in and around your school grounds
  • set up a school-composting scheme
  • create a recycling sculpture or a school recycling mascot out of packaging and other items that can be recycled, you could even run a competition to see who makes the best mascot
  • encourage your friends and teachers to use reusable containers for packed lunches and reusable drinks bottles when they are in the playground
  • download films, music and books or use your local library instead of buying them
  • encourage your school friends and teachers to use both sides of every sheet of paper, you could have collection trays in each classroom for paper that has only been uses on one side
  • ask your school bursar if your school is buying paper, pencils and other products made from recycled materials and if they are not ask them if they can try to in the future