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Highways asset management

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Asset Management Framework

Asset management policy, strategy and objectives

The Asset Management Strategy in this section sets out long term aspirations for our Highways Service, and is also where we describe asset-specific strategies and what levels of service we expect to achieve.  The communication strategy within this document explains how we will communicate with our stakeholders both in giving information and seeking knowledge and feedback.

Highways Asset Management Strategy document (PDF, 2.3MB)

This section contains documents and outputs that demonstrate how we plan our asset management activities, including our long-term plans for all our assets, including roads and pavements, and what plans we need to have in place to manage adverse weather (for example, winter and flooding).  This section also includes guidance and references to how we manage risk in our Highways Service. 

Maintaining a Resilient Network 2019


Operational delivery

This section shows work programmes and relevant Codes of Practice that guide the detailed maintenance work we deliver on our highways assets.


Asset management performance

In order to know how well we’re doing against our performance measures and achievement of our strategic objectives, we are required to regularly report on our progress and performance.  This section includes documentation that shows what we’re being measured on, and what our current (and previous) levels of performance look like.


Implementation enablers

Enablers are the activities which are required to support good asset management practice. Aspects such as Leadership & People and Customer & Stakeholder Communication are essential in successful delivery of a professional asset management service for the Council.

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