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Current paper petitions

Back Crossland Terrace, Helsby

Petitioning the Council to carry out repairs on the road surface of Back Crossland terrace in Helsby.



Date received

11 January 2019.


Sent to officers for consideration and response.


A540 Parkgate Road cycle path

Petitioning the Council to reinstate a cycle path between Puddington Lane and Two Mills.



Date received

28 January 2019.


Response sent to Lead Petitioner:

The Highways England (HE) scheme at the Two Mills junction included the new provision of off road cycle facilities on the north side of the A540 to remove cyclist from the main carriageway either side of its junction with the A550 (from opposite the access to the Tudor Rose PH to opposite the Eureka Café) and controlled crossing facilities to assist cyclist to cross the A550.

We have previously been made aware that the '‘club' cyclists have suggested that that they prefer to ride on the road rather than on cycle paths, therefore it is currently unclear how many of these would use an off road facility adjacent to the A540. With regards to leisure cyclists and routes, there are numerous in the surrounding area that do not incorporate the A540 in this immediate vicinity or crossing the A550 at the Two Mills junction and are signed accordingly.

However, in order to try and assess cycle usage at this location, prior to any proposals to reinstate paths in the grass verge alongside the A540 I wish to advise that surveys will be undertaken during May 2019 in order for the Council to assess the viability of any proposed scheme by evaluating the level of cyclists currently using the existing off road shared use cycle facilities and the controlled crossings that were provided by the HE scheme.

The petition was closed 15 March 2019.

Resurface Cross Street, Neston

Petitioning the Council to resurface Cross Street in Neston, to sort pot holes, whilst other resurfacing works are done nearby.



Date received

18 October 2018.


Officers responded: It has taken some time to organise the works at Park Street/Leighton Road due to the presence of Tar in the material to be removed. Cross Street carries less traffic than Park Street/Leighton Road and as such a different repair process would be used on Cross Street when compared to Park Street/Leighton Road.

It is however accepted that Cross Street is not in an ideal condition and I have requested that Highway Officers look again at the surface of Cross Street with a view to carrying out some works in next financial year.

Petition closed 3 January 2019.

Noise and emissions at Chester Bus Interchange

Petitioning the Council to reduce noise and emissions through a series of suggestions.



Date received

6 September 2018.


The petition was closed on 9 October 2018.

To secure Winnington Meadow with fencing or bollards

Petitioning the Council to fence off Winnington Meadow with metal fencing or concrete bollards to prevent any further encampments in the future.


570 at the time of submission.

Date received

3 September 2018.



At this current time the service are not looking to install a deterrent at this site.  This is because as previously mentioned relevant parties within the Council are currently working together to ensure there is a clear strategic direction to address and prevent any future encampments.  We have now been made aware the Cheshire and Warrington Traveller team are taking a report to a Council scrutiny committee meeting, and hopefully if there are any recommendations they will be available from the beginning of December this year.  The service is waiting for the outcomes corporately to ensure consistency when enquiries of this nature are received, and to ensure there is a clear protocol.  This site will be re-looked at once protocols have been established and agreed, unfortunately exact timescales at this time are not known, but the service will update the you when any updates are known.  With regards to the works that have taken place to the footpaths in the area concerned, this was due to health and safety concerns that had been identified.

The petition was closed 8 November 2018.

Brook Street, Chester, parking

Requesting that the Council does not proceed with the introduction of 'on street parking charges' in Brook Street, Chester, because it may deter customers and damage businesses.


375, including 60 businesses.

Date received

21 March 2018.


Responded to 31 May 2018, with daytime charges up to one hour removed from the proposed parking scheme. Petition closed 31 May 2018.

Drill Hall in Winsford

Asking for some of the regeneration budget to be allocated to helping the community save and transform the drill hall building, to kick start people to kick start wider regeneration projects and initiatives in Winsford.



Date received

Handed in at the meeting of full Council 2 March 2017.


An arts and culture workshop was held on 14 September 2017 bringing all stakeholders together to develop a shared vision for Arts and Culture in Winsford. The outcome of that was a clear ambition to work together to develop a connected and supportive arts and culture network in Winsford, building on the existing longstanding strengths and passion for arts and culture in the town. The workshop also highlighted the ambition for an arts and culture physical hub in Winsford. Cheshire West and Chester is currently undertaking a full borough-wide Community Asset Framework consultation for the assets which it owns, which closes on 25 February 2018.

The feedback from this consultation will directly inform the strategic planning for Cheshire West owned Community Assets in Winsford as part of the wider regeneration. In the meantime the local community have been directly involved and engaged influencing the regeneration of Winsford Town Park which will be opened in Spring 2018.

The Drill Hall is not a Council owned building and is in private ownership as such Cheshire West does not have any influence over its future and we are not consulting on its future, but it is hoped that it could be included in the regeneration plans.

The Community Asset Framework and the development of the arts and culture vision within Winsford would be monitored for any relevance to the Drill Hall and any developments would be notified to the Lead Petitioner and a response provided as soon as possible.

Reject Gypsy site proposals in rural Whitegate and Marton


4,390 claimed, including 704 on e-Petition

Date received

Handed in at a meeting of Cabinet on 21 September 2016.


The petition was debated at the meeting of full Council on 20 October 2016. Council resolved to refer the issue to the Local Plan Working Group for discussion. That Working Group met on 21 November 2016 and after discussion set up a Task Group to analyse the issue to such sites across the Borough. This group will be monitored for progress before the petition can be formally responded to.

Opposing the High Speed 2 rail project

specifically seeking to get the full council to debate all aspects of HS2, which it appears has not happened. It notes that Councillor Mike Jones promised in February 2013 to call a Public Meeting to discuss HS2 and that promise has not been fulfilled. It asks:

  • Has CWAC Council sought the opinion of its residents/taxpayers with regard to the construction of HS2?
  • What firm evidence is available to support CWAC Council’s decision that HS2 will be of benefit to CWAC


1,678 signatures claimed.

Date received

Handed in at Council meeting 26 February 2015.


Debated at meeting of full Council on 16 July 2015, which decided:

That the HS2 Petition debate be referred to Cabinet, for onward referral to a Policy and Performance Panel to establish a Working Group to review and investigate the impact and opportunities it will bring to Cheshire West and Chester.

The Panel, on 16 September 2015, resolved to set up a High Speed Rail Task and Finish Working Group to review and investigate the impact and opportunities for the borough and report back to the Panel.

The Panel will be monitored for their report so that a response is provided.

On 20 July 2016 Cabinet resolved (Minute 145) that the content of the report of the Working group be noted and the overarching findings of the HS2 working group and next steps to be reported to Council, and the Transport Strategy Steering Group directs future management of the opportunities and issues relating to HS2, including course of action when a final route is announced. This Group would be monitored for progress.

Planning process


110 signatures.

Date received

28 March 2013.


Corporate Scrutiny Committee considered it on 29 October 2014 and decided:

Recommendation to the Executive that:

  1. The processes and factors taken into account when the Highways and Children and Young People Services make recommendations with regard to planning applications be noted
  2. The training for all Members in relation to planning applications and associated matters be referred to the Member Learning Panel.

    Recommendation to the Planning Committee that:

  3. Where a late information report is submitted to the Planning Committee, Members attention be drawn to that report and questioned as to whether they need further time to digest the information contained therein. If more time is required, then the meeting be suspended for an appropriate period to allow for clarification by officers.

Chester Market - retaining it at the city centre and be included in any redevelopment of the city centre.


3,552 signatures on 17 March 2011. 1,847 received afterward.

Date received

Originally 23 February 2011. Presented to Council on 17 March 2011.


Debated at Council on 28 July 2011. Decided: That the petition relating to Chester Market be noted and the Corporate Scrutiny Committee be asked to carry out a pre-decision scrutiny review before any final decision is made by the Executive.

The above petitions have been received in paper form, accepted by the Council and are either currently being investigated or have been investigated. A written response will be presented to the petitioner and if appropriate a link to it will be provided from this page. The petition details will remain on this page for a calendar year after a response has been sent. Petitions submitted electronically are listed on the 'Current e-Petitions' page.

If you would like to present your petition to a Council meeting, or would like your councillor or someone else to present it on your behalf, please contact Democratic Services on 01244 975970 or email at least 10 working days before the meeting and they will talk you through the process.

If your petition has received 1,500 signatures or more it will also be scheduled for a Council debate and if this is the case we will let you know whether this will happen at the same meeting or a later meeting of the Council.

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