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Councillors' allowances

Allowances and expenses paid to councillors

Opendata LogoUK law provides for certain allowances and expenses to be paid to councillors. What is paid and the amount payable is decided by each council.

In Cheshire West and Chester each councillor is paid a basic allowance.

This allowance recognises the time commitment of all councillors, including attending meetings, attending member learning and development events, dealing with constituency matters, representing the Council on external bodies, and the use of their homes.

The rate of basic allowance for 2019/20 is £11,689 for each member.

In addition to this, some members are paid a Special Responsibility Allowance (SRA).

This is payable to those councillors who have significant responsibilities and can cover for example:

  • Leader/Deputy Leader of the Council or a political group
  • Executive membership
  • Chairman of Council
  • Chairman of Committees/Sub-Committees
  • Member Champion
  • Political Group Whips

The SRAs in 2019/20 range from £1,020 to £29,220.

In addition to this, Councillors are paid travelling and subsistence allowances.

Full details of the Council's policy are available in the Members' Allowance Scheme (PDF, 183KB)

Details of allowances paid to councillors

Member budgets

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