The Climate Emergency

Climate Emergency Fund

As part of the Council's response to declaring a Climate Emergency in the borough a Climate Emergency Fund (CEF) has been established to support a range of low carbon projects in west Cheshire. This fund will support the ambition for the borough to be carbon neutral by 2045.

There was £50,000 of capital funding available in 2022-23. Applications for this round of funding closed in May 2022. Further funding will be released over the next two financial years up until 2024.

Who is eligible to bid?

Eligible applicants include Council-run services, Council Companies, Town or Parish Councils, voluntary organisations, community groups, small charities or other not-for-profit-organisations.

How much can organisations bid for?

The minimum level of capital investment which will be considered for the CEF is £10,000 for community-led bids. The Investment Team has not set a specific maximum investment for a single project beyond the available funding envelope set out in the guidance documents.

What we can fund

Projects that tackle the climate emergency by delivering quantifiable carbon benefits. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Renewable energy projects
  • Energy efficiency projects
  • Heat pump projects
  • Zero or low carbon transport
  • Waste reduction
  • Natural capital/natural environment projects.

How to apply

Applications are now closed for 2022-23 funding round. An announcement about future rounds of funding will be posted on this webpage and in the Council's Climate Emergency enewsletter when future funding is available to apply for.