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The Climate Emergency



Cheshire West and Chester Council unanimously declared, on 21 May that the borough is in a Climate Emergency. The Council agreed that:

  • Climate Change presents a threat to our way of life
  • the Council recognised the need to act in-line with worldwide agreements on Climate Change and the best available evidence, which states that, to limit emissions to 1.5°C, there is a requirement to reach 'net zero' by 2045
  • the Council must play its part by evidencing leadership on this issue.

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Public evidence session and meeting on 2 December

The climate public evidence session on 6 November and the meeting on 2 December have been postponed until the new year (dates to be confirmed) due to the general election and the start of Purdah on 6 November. 


The Council required the Chief Executive to produce a report within six months to:

  • determine the earliest date before 2045 that Cheshire West and Chester Council and the borough as a whole can be carbon neutral
  • revise its targets to meet that date, ideally to 2030, to demonstrate leadership in the borough.

The Council's response - The taskforce

In response to this declaration, the Council has established a cross-party taskforce to understand and plan for the implications, risks and new opportunities for the borough presented by climate change. 

Taskforce members will consider themes and issues that contribute to the Climate Emergency, and conduct research to determine an ambitious and evidence-based local response to Climate Change over summer and autumn.

The research will be used to inform both the report to Council within six months, and a summit to bring together people interested in this topic from a range of different backgrounds including:

  • community groups
  • voluntary and social enterprise sector organisations
  • industry
  • children and young people
  • housing providers
  • energy providers.

The objective of the taskforce will be to shape how the borough responds to the threats and opportunities presented by the Climate Emergency, and develop practical recommendations for the Council to take forward.

In the course of its work, the taskforce will hear from a range of groups and organisations to understand the potential implications of climate change on the wider borough.

Documents and resources

For further information on Climate Change, the following resources are available:

For more information on the Council’s response to the Climate Emergency:


Extra resources

Please note: some external documents may not be fully accessible or suitable for mobile devices

Contacting the Climate Emergency Champion

For more information on the Council’s response to the Climate Emergency, contact Councillor Matt Bryan, the Leader’s Champion for the Climate Emergency.

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