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Action on the Climate Emergency

Children and young people are being asked to make short films, also known as vox pops, to tell the Council, partners, businesses and industry in west Cheshire what they really feel about the Climate Emergency. Young people play an essential role in challenging and inspiring society and decision-makers to do more to address the Climate Emergency.

The short films that are sent to the Council will be used to make one longer film (around five minutes) that will be shown at the opening of the borough’s Climate Emergency summit – West Cheshire: Action on the Climate Emergency. Leaders from the Council, local communities, business and industry will be delegates at the summit and see the film.

Young people will bear the brunt of the effects of the Climate Emergency and many have strong feelings and opinions on the subject. 

Send us your videos

If you would like to contribute a video, please follow the guidance below and submit your video to: via a file sharing site such as WeTransfer, by Wednesday 29 January 2020.


When you log on to WeTransfer you will see a section that says 'add your files'. Simply click on this and select your video from your files. You will then need to put our email address ( in the 'email to' box and put your email in the next section.

Finally, please include a short message saying that this is your Climate Emergency video and include your name. If you are sending it in from a school or community group, please make reference to this in your message.

WeTransfer can accept files up to 2GB. Please send through the full quality video and do not compress it.
We will send you a confirmation email within two working days to confirm that we have received your video through.

When submitting your video please also complete the online photo and video consent form. If you are over 18 you can complete this yourself. If you are under 18 please ask a parent or guardian to complete it on your behalf. Group leaders can also complete it on behalf of a group if they have the relevant permissions from all the people included in the video. 

Guidance on producing a vox pop


You can shoot and edit your film on your smartphone or tablet. If you find it difficult to shoot the film without shaky hands, prop it up somewhere secure or use a tripod.


Check what is in the background before you shoot and do a test shot. Try to avoid having anything that looks messy or brightly coloured behind you, as that will distract your viewers. If the weather is fine, shooting outdoors can provide attractive backgrounds and good daytime lighting.


Shoot all your footage in a horizontal (landscape) format.


Phone cameras have tiny sensors so they aren’t good in low light, or with a lot of contrast. Try to film where there’s plenty of light and in a place that doesn’t have extreme darks. Remember to shoot away from the light or your face will be in shadow.


Smart phones and tablets often have tiny microphones so stay quite close to the phone/tablet whilst you are filming.


Keep your film under 30 seconds long if possible.


If your clips are longer that you’d like, edit them with an editing app. Don’t worry too much though, as we can edit it for you when you send it in and we use the best parts of all the supplied footage to create the final short film.

What to say

You can talk about anything to do with the climate emergency that you wish. You can be challenging or inspiring and talk about some or all of the points below but please start/end your film with the words of Greta Thunberg - "You're not trying hard enough" - and leave a five second pause before and after to allow for easy editing.

  • Explain how you feel and express your concerns
  • Send messages to the Council, partners, businesses and industry about what you feel needs to be done
  • Talk about specific problems that you feel we face in the borough
  • Share your ideas on what we can do to help reduce the impact of the climate emergency.

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