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The Poverty Emergency

How you can get involved

Poverty Emergency - Rethinking Poverty. Rethinking Renewal.

If you are a local resident on a low income

We are lucky in West Cheshire that we have been able to learn from the insights of a group of dedicated volunteers with lived experience of financial hardship, over the past five years. 

This group are called Community Inspirers and they have been instrumental in influencing many positive changes locally through their involvement with the Poverty Truth Commission and the Council.

What is a Community Inspirer?

A Community Inspirer is an individual with living or lived experience of poverty or hardship. This might include experience of using a foodbank, homelessness or housing difficulties, mental health difficulties, debt or financial hardship.

The role of an Inspirer is a voluntary one, where you will share your experiences and use your voice to bring about change. Your involvement will help to shape services that are fit for everyone, making a fairer society for all.

If you would like to become part of our growing community of local residents with lived experience, please get in touch.