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How you can get involved

Poverty Emergency

If you are a local resident on a low income

We are lucky in west Cheshire that we have been able to learn from the insights of a group of dedicated volunteers with lived experience of financial hardship, over the past three years. This group chose the role title for themselves of Community Inspirers.

They have been instrumental in influencing many positive changes locally through their involvement with the Poverty Truth Commission and the Council.

Through the Poverty Emergency declaration, we have recognised the importance of making this kind of opportunity open to many more people, to have their say on poverty and how it affects their lives. Whether you want to call yourself a Community Inspirer or not, we want to hear from you about your experience of the crisis and how it has affected you financially. What support have you needed? How easy was it to access? What kinds of support do you think are needed at this time but missing locally?

If you would like to become part of our growing community of local residents with lived experience, please get in touch.

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