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Core Principle 3

Defining outcomes in terms of sustainable economic, social and environmental benefits

Supporting principles

  • Defining outcomes
  • Defining sustainable economic, social and environmental benefits

Cheshire West and Chester will:

  • Make a clear statement of the Councils purpose and vision and use it as a basis for corporate and service planning
  • Publish annual reports to communicate the Council’s achievements, its financial position and performance
  • Ensure that those making decisions are provided with financial and non-financial information that is fit for purpose- relevant, timely and gives clear explanations of technical issues and their implications
  • Identify and monitor service performance indicators which demonstrate how the quality of service for users is to be measured
  • Ensure compliance with CIPFA codes

This will be evidenced by:

  • Council Plan 2016 – 20 and better Outcome Plans 
  • Budget reports
  • Reports to Audit and Governance Committee
  • Scrutiny Committee receives quarterly performance management framework information
  • Service Standards
  • Statement of Accounts
  • External Auditors letter and reports
  • External Inspection
  • Annual Governance Statement
  • Annual Report 
  • Capital Strategy 

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