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Core Principle 4

Determining the interventions necessary to optimise the achievement of the intended outcomes

Supporting principles

  • Determining interventions
  • Planning interventions
  • Optimising achievements of intended outcomes

Cheshire West and Chester will:

  • Make a clear statement of the Council’s purpose and vision and use it as a basis for corporate  and service planning
  • Have risk management arrangements in place including mitigating actions to support the achievement of the Council’s intended outcomes
  • Ensure there are effective arrangements in place to monitor service delivery
  • Put in effective arrangements to deal with a failure in service delivery and outcomes for residents
  • Have contingency arrangements including business continuity, disaster recovery to ensure resilience in delivering services
  • Provide senior managers and Members with timely financial and performance information
  • Ensure budget calculations are robust 
  • Align financial and performance data to provide an overall understanding of performance

This will be evidenced by:

  • Council Plan 2016 - 2020 and Better Outcome Plans
  • Reports requiring decisions address risks involved in making the decision
  • Severe weather Protocol
  • Risk Management Strategy and Policy
  • Major Emergency Response plan and policies made under the plan-managed by the Joint Cheshire Emergency Planning Team
  • Service Business Continuity plans-requirement for services to have plans-review underway following restructures and changes in service delivery
  • Business Continuity and Emergency Planning Liaison Group
  • Ongoing work to ensure corporate issues (IT and Buildings) are covered by third party suppliers
  • Requirement for major contracts to have business Continuity plans and reviewed in contract management meetings
  • Reports to Senior Management Team
  • Corporate Risk Register reviewed quarterly and reported to Corporate Leadership Team, Cabinet and Audit and Governance Committee
  • Service Risk Registers, risks aligned outcomes and reviewed quarterly. Risk Registers and reporting designed to demonstrate the level of risk being carried across the organisation and demonstrate appetite/tolerance for risk.
  • Use of collaborative planning for budget monitoring for managers
  • Budget consultation/Challenge sessions
  • Information management – review of data security incidents
  • Insurance claims-regular reports to Directors to highlight trends and additional issues.

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