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Core Principle 7

Implementing good practices in transparency, reporting and audit to deliver effective accountability

Supporting principles

  • Implementing good practice in transparency
  • Implementing good practices in reporting
  • Assurance and effective accountability

Cheshire West and Chester will:

  • Comply with the local government transparency code and publish all required information in a timely manner
  • Have an established medium term financial planning strategy which is subject to regular review
  • Have in place effective and accessible arrangements for dealing with complaints
  • Maintain an effective scrutiny function which encourages constructive challenge and enhances the Council’s overall performance
  • Maintain an effective audit and governance committee which is independent of the executive and scrutiny committees
  • Maintain and resource an effective internal audit function
  • Maintain open and effective arrangements for evidencing, recording and explaining decisions
  • Publish all executive and committee reports under ‘Part 1’- open to inspection by the public – unless there is a legitimate need to preserve confidentiality which will be explained on the basis of the statutory tests
  • Put in place and publicise ‘whistle-blowing’ arrangements to which all staff and contractors have access
  • Produce clear timely and accurate information for budget holders and senior officers relating to their area and the budget and financial performance of the Council
  • Publish an annual pay statement in relation to senior staff in accordance with the Localism Act 2011
  • Publish annually details of Councillors allowances/expenses
  • Performance framework on Outcomes including publication of dashboard made available via website

This will be evidenced by:

  • Medium Term Financial Strategy
  • Comments Compliments and Complaints Procedure
  • Audit and Governance Committee reports 
  • Internal and External Audit Reports
  • Scrutiny Committees
  • Constitution
  • Modern Government-democratic services system
  • Whistle-blowing policy
  • Annual Pay Policy Statement
  • Open data/Transparency data published
  • Modern Slavery - Annual Transparency Statement
  • Corporate fraud team investigate any allegations
  • Scheme of delegation
  • Schemes of financial delegation
  • Inspection reports e.g. Ofsted
  • Treasury management reports to Audit and Governance Committee
  • Reports to Audit and Governance Committee on financial performance
  • Scrutiny Committees structure and terms of reference regularly reviewed to ensure fit for purpose
  • Annual financial statements and in-year performance reporting
  • Audit and Governance Committee Annual Report
  • Council has won a number of awards for scrutiny reports including the Centre for Public Scrutiny Overall Impact Award


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