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Place Plan


In 2019, the first Cheshire West Place Plan was launched; it was an exciting moment when we were able to present our vision for the next five years to improve the health and wellbeing of residents living in our borough. The Plan, which is also the borough's Health and Wellbeing Strategy, set out an ambition to achieve excellence and sustainability in the future with key leaders coming together to develop it.

Our vision was:

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To reduce inequality, increase years of healthy life and promote improved mental and physical health and wellbeing for everyone in Cheshire West.
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When the plan was developed, nobody anticipated the COVID-19 pandemic, the global impact of which has affected local people in all aspects of our lives, with tragic consequences for many. Despite the challenges the pandemic brought, and continues to bring, communities across the borough have come together in a way that could not have been predicted and has demonstrated residents' resilience, capacity for care, and compassion. COVID-19 has arguably been one of the biggest challenges in generations for businesses, the NHS, the Community Sector, the Council, and our residents - and the legacies of COVID will challenge us for years to come.

The impact of COVID-19, and major changes taking place in health and care services as well as in wider society means now is the time to refresh the Place Plan. In essence, our vision remains the same as in the previous version and the Place Plan remains the Health and Wellbeing Strategy for the borough. The refreshed Plan continues to build on the rich diversity of people, communities and assets that make Cheshire West such a great place. Together we can maximise the quality of life and opportunity for all our residents.

The Plan requires us to be brave and work in ways that are different to how we have worked in the past. We are committed to working more closely with communities and partners to deliver high quality, efficient and effective public services through new and improved ways of working. Local services will become more integrated, building on the strengths, assets and expertise of individuals and communities, letting you, our residents, teach us. Only by doing this together can we develop and make things better. As we move forward, we will continue our efforts to make Cheshire West the best place to grow up, live, work, and enjoy life to the full.