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Eat Well Be Active


Eating a healthy balanced diet accompanied by regular physical activity is essential for good health and well-being. Mental health, muscle and bone health, immunity, and healthy pregnancies all benefit from us eating well and being active. In turn minimising our risk of conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer and dementia. Eating well and being active is also important in helping us to reach and maintain a healthy weight, which itself is associated with many health benefits.

Foods which are healthier for our bodies also tend to be better for the planet too. A move away from heavily processed foods and towards a diet which contains plenty of fresh, minimally processed foods can have a positive impact on our health, weight, and the environment. Taking short trips by foot or bicycle rather than using the car also helps us to increase our physical activity whilst reducing our carbon footprint.

We recognise that it is not always easy for people to eat well and be active. Our behaviours and the lifestyle choices we make are influenced by a variety of factors, including the environments in which we live, work, learn and play, and our access to healthy and affordable food. There is a need to support the individual, communities and across the population to promote eating well and being active, including supporting whole family approaches.

Eat Well Be Active (EWBA) is a framework based on several key Cheshire West and Chester strategies, including the Health and Wellbeing Strategy (2015-20), the Council Plan (2020-24), the Cheshire West Place Plan (2022 - 2026), the Fairer Futures Strategy (2022 - 2032) and the Council’s Healthy Weight Declaration (signed in 2019). The framework sets out key aims and objectives to support residents of Cheshire West and Chester to enjoy a better quality of life by enabling them to eat well and be more active. The EWBA framework has been developed through strong local partnership working, recognising that our experiences are shaped by the wider social, economic, and cultural context in which we live.

As we look for innovative ways to tackle inequalities and improve the lives of our residents, this strategy outlines our local strategic approach to supporting residents to eat well and be active throughout life.