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Eat Well Be Active

Where are we now?

Data published nationally tells us that in Cheshire West and Chester there are areas in which are doing well:

  • 73.4 percent of adults are physically active, compared to the England average of 65.9 percent
  • 50.2 percent of our children and young people are physically active, compared to the England average of 44.6 percent
  • The number of adults above a healthy weight (60.2 percent) is lower than the England average (63.5 percent)
  • More of our adults meet the recommended 5-a-day on usual day (55 percent) compared to the North West average (51.2 percent)

The data also shows us where we need to work together to make improvements:

  • In Cheshire West and Chester, 63.1 percent of babies receive breastmilk as their first feed, compared to the England average of 67.4 percent 
  • At six to eight weeks after birth, 42 percent of mothers are still breastfeeding compared with the England average of 47.6 percent
  • Almost one fifth of our children in their school reception year are either overweight or obese (18.7 percent). With eight percent of our children aged 5-6 years living with obesity.
  • A third of our children in school year six are measured as either overweight or obese (34.2 percent), with 20.1 percent of our children aged 10-11 living with obesity.
  • 22.7 percent of 5-year-olds have visually obvious tooth decay
  • 21.1 percent of women are living with obesity during early pregnancy
  • 18.8 per cent of adults are inactive – i.e., do less than 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity per week