How you can help


Thank you to all community champions who took part in the online event on 21 October 2020. It was great to speak to so many champions and hear your thoughts about the project. We really appreciate your continued support.

The following people were part of the Panel for the online event.

  • Councillor Louise Gittins, Leader of Cheshire West and Chester Council
  • Ian Ashworth, Director of Public Health at Cheshire West and Chester Council
  • Rachel Foster, Head of Communities, Culture and Libraries at Cheshire West and Chester Council
  • Alison Lee, Managing Director of Cheshire West Integrated Care Partnership

Each panellist gave an update about their involvement in the project and what they’ve been working on recently around the ongoing response to COVID-19.

Key actions from the online event

  • At the first event, champions mentioned people weren’t wearing face coverings correctly so a short video was put together to offer support. Champions mentioned creating a further video to show how to take off masks and then dispose of them so this will be looked at by the Communication team. There were some useful comments about making sure ties or strings are cut off to help protect wildlife. Watch the video on face coverings.
  • Some champions mentioned they were unfortunately receiving negative comments when they’re sharing valuable, trusted information with their communities. We’ll issue some guidance, with the help of champions, about social media and sharing information.
  • People highlighted more click and collect slots are becoming available and these might be useful for more vulnerable people. The Live Well Cheshire West site has information about meals, food shopping and other practical support. The Council is encouraging people to shop local, following the latest guidance around things like face coverings, washing hands regularly and staying at least two metres apart.
  • Champions raised concerns about neighbouring areas being at a higher risk level and people travelling into Cheshire West and Chester, as well as which guidance is advisory and which is law. For example, travelling from a very high risk area to a high risk area to visit a pub or restaurant is against the law, but travelling to walk outdoors is advisory to keep everyone safe and reduce the risk of spreading the virus. The Communication team will look at further messaging around this.

Useful resources shared during the online event

Many useful links were shared in the chat during the online event. Here is a list of them for you share in case you couldn’t make the event or didn’t pick them up from the chat.