Secondary transfer and moving house dates

    All applications must be received by the authority by 31 October 2021. Please take this into consideration when posting a paper application and allow enough time for the application to reach us by the closing date. Any applications received after this date will be treated as a late application unless we consider that there are good reasons for the application being late.

    • 1 September 2021 - Parents/carers can apply for a school place.
    • 31 October 2021 - Closing date for applications
    • 10 December 2021 - Deadline for supporting information
    • 1 March 2022 - Notification of offers
    • 29 March 2022 - Closing date for appeals

    Moving house dates

    Please note: Parents and carers are responsible for notifying us when a house move has taken place. Your address and criteria will not be changed unless the supporting evidence is received.

    Information and supporting evidence must be received by 10 December 2021 as this is the last opportunity to submit evidence before the initial allocation of school places.

    Proof of residency received after 10 December 2021 cannot be used for the initial allocation of school places, however, it will be used for correspondence purposes and for later in the process i.e. for collation of waiting lists or for admission appeals, if they are necessary.

    We may remove a place where it has been identified that a change of address has taken place before 10 December 2021 and it has not been declared.