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Eligibility appeals procedure

This appeal route is for when a child has been declined travel assistance. You can appeal against the following:

  • that the policy has not been properly applied
  • that the policy has been properly applied, but there are exceptional circumstances (being unable to take your child to school due to work commitments is not an exceptional circumstance)
  • financial hardship if you do not believe your financial circumstances have been considered. However, this can only be considered along with one of the bullet points mentioned above

More information can be found on our eligibility appeals guidance document (PDF, 140KB).

Grounds for appeal

If the policy has not been correctly applied, you will need to explain why and you may wish to submit evidence to further demonstrate this. This may be the distance measurement or the safety of the walking route. More information can be found on our home to school travel assistance policy (PDF, 200KB)

Walking routes will not be reassessed unless there has been a significant change. Our list of hazardous routes (PDF, 101KB) will be useful for you to read through this before you submit the appeal. It also states that an adult is expected to accompany a child on the route to and from school, as necessary.

Preference for a faith school will only be considered for families on low income. More information can be found on our will you qualify page.

In cases where you feel there are exceptional circumstances, these will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Exceptional circumstances means that your circumstances are individual to your family and would not be experienced by other families. You will need to submit further information to evidence the exceptional circumstances.

How to appeal

Please note: whilst we review your appeal you must make sure your child attends school.

Make an appeal