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qwest energy


Qwest Energy

Cheshire West and Chester Council have teamed up with Qwest Services and energy company ENGIE to launch a new local energy offer for residents living in the Cheshire West Region. 

The new scheme, known as Qwest Energy, offers a full range of competitive tariffs to suit both prepayment and standard credit meters households, in addition to a Rate Roll Over promise, 100% renewable electricity as standard, reinvestment back into local communities through the Community Fund, and more.   

Cheshire West residents are encouraged to see if they can make a saving on their energy bill by getting a quote from Qwest Energy.  Simply visit the Qwest Energy website and have to hand details of your current supplier, your tariff name and your annual consumption figures in kWh’s.  Alternatively, residents can call 0800 160 1240 to get a no-obligation quote over the telephone.

For more information on the full range of benefits including details of the five tariffs available, the Community Fund and how Qwest Energy are helping those most in need with their energy bills, visit Qwest Energy

Addressing Energy in Cheshire West

Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council recognises the importance of saving energy and tackling the causes of climate change at a local level.

To help minimise our impact on the environment we have introduced a number of initiatives and policies which will help reduce the amount of energy we consume and its associated carbon emissions.

For more information on the work of the energy and carbon reduction team including our sustainability commitment and green house gas emissions figures see below.

Help for residents

If you live within Cheshire West and Chester and are looking into an energy related matter for your home visit our home energy page.

The page has information on a range of issues from switching energy supplier to advice and guidance on saving energy in the home, Cosy Loans and how we're tackling fuel poverty.

Help for the community

Cheshire West and Chester Council supports communities in developing projects that promote and deliver sustainable living.

We can provide a range of support to low carbon/ transition and resilient communities within Cheshire West and our wider partnership area covering Cheshire East and Warrington.

Help for businesses

Resource efficiency and business continuity is important for large as well as small and medium enterprises.

Cheshire West and Chester Council - with its partners - can enable businesses to save money and provide business continuity in our changing climate.


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