Digital inclusion


    Several organisations in Cheshire West and Chester are looking for volunteers to help them tackle digital exclusion.

    They are looking for anyone who uses digital devices, such as tablets, computers, or smartphones, in their day-to-day lives to pass on their skills to those who need it most.

    By becoming a champion you can improve your own skills as you learn to communicate complex information in simple terms. Once you have become a digital champion you will receive a 'Digital Champion certificate' which will be recognised by participating organisations.

    Could you be a Digital Champion?

    A digital champion is someone who is patient, respectful and a good listener. They understand the benefits of being online and can communicate them to others.

    If you’d like to learn more about what it takes to be a Digital Champion take the 'How to be a Digital Champion course'.

    If you’d like to become a Digital Champion, you should feel comfortable with most of the following:

    • communicating by email or online messaging (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp etc.)
    • using Microsoft Office
    • video calling (Zoom, Facetime etc.)
    • posting on social media
    • browsing the internet safely and securely
    • using search engines
    • downloading apps
    • online transactions

    Don’t worry if you don’t have all the skills above visit LiveWell to see how you can develop your skills further.

    Organisations seeking volunteers