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Rough Sleeping and Homelessness Pledge

Our vision is that all residents and organisations within west Cheshire work together to prevent homelessness and ensure that no one is forced to sleep rough in the borough.

We have launched a Pledge which can be signed by residents, businesses, public bodies, and charities to show their support.


I/we pledge to:

  • Acknowledge that everyone deserves respect and somewhere to live.
  • Support organisations tackling rough sleeping and homelessness.
  • Contact forfutures' Outreach Support Team if I/we believe someone is sleeping on the streets.
  • Share this pledge on social media so others can learn about it too.
  • Sign up to receive updates to learn more about work to tackle homelessness.


I/we pledge to:

  • Provide training and employment for people recovering from homelessness.
  • Make preventing homelessness part of our corporate social responsibility.

Public bodies, charities, community and faith groups

I/we pledge to:

  • Promote our services to people facing homelessness.
  • Check whether we have a Duty to Refer homeless households.
  • Work with bodies to align services and budgets to support people.
Sign the Rough Sleeping and Homelessness Pledge