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Multiple occupancy homes

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Additional information for landlords has been issued including repairs, safety checks, evictions and inspections.

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What is a house of multiple occupation (HMO)? 

Any property that is occupied by more than two people who are not related or living as a couple, and where rent is paid and facilities shared can be classed as a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO).

A HMO can be a house or flat which is occupied by a group of students or professionals who share all the facilities, or it can be a property which is occupied by people living in bedsits and/or some self-contained flats. It can also include some guest houses, hostels and hotels. The type of individuals or number of tenancies in the property has no bearing on whether it is a HMO under the Housing Act.

For more details please refer to the Housing Act 2004 or visit the Gov.UK website.

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