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Industrial regulations


Pollution from industrial installations in England and Wales has been controlled to some extent for over 150 years. Our Environmental Protection Team regulates emissions from a number of industries. Emissions from most major industrial process however are regulated by the Environment Agency (EA).

Where to find help

For further information please contact the Environmental Protection Team.

In April 2008 new legislation, in the form of the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) amalgamated the existing Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC) regime, setting out how regulation of these industrial process shall be undertaken.

The EPR incorporated a number of government initiatives aiming to reduce the regulatory burden on low risk business and redirect resources from unnecessary inspection towards the provision of advice to improve compliance.

Early in 2011 the system was extended to create a single permitting and compliance system.

In doing this the regulations take into account the recommendations of the Hampton Review and the aims of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). These recent changes have created a single more user-friendly permitting and compliance system that integrates both Waste Management Licensing and PPC. It simplifies permit applications, amendments and variations for both industry and regulator and so reduces unnecessary red tape and allows regulators to focus resources on medium and high-risk operations whilst continuing to protect the environment and human health.

Forms to apply for the surrender, transfer or vary a Permit are available from the Defra website or via the ELMS environmental permit application page. Before you start to fill in any of the forms it is strongly advised that you read the relevant parts of Defra's Pollution Prevention and Control General Guidance Manual issued for LA-IPPC and LAPPC.

  • Defra's permitting charges

This contains a list of other documents you may need to refer to when you are preparing your application, and explains some of the technical terms used. You will also need to read the relevant Process and Sector Guidance Notes.

For a brief summary of how the PPC Regulations see:

A(1)installations are generally perceived to have a greater to potential to pollute the environment than an A(2) installation, and Part B installations would have the least potential to pollute. More information about PPC Regulations is available from Defra.

New permit applications are available for public consultation.