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Request an inspection

During the course of your project, our surveyors will carry out inspections at key stages of the work. The reasons for this is to make sure that the works are compliant with building regulations.

Our surveyors are there to help you and will be available to answer any questions regarding the inspection that you may have. Unlike a lot of private inspectors who rely on telephone calls and photographs from builders, our Building Control surveyors will always come out to your property and undertake an inspection of your work. We are here to look after your best interests, not those of your builder.

When do I need an inspection?

Once you have submitted your application and this has been approved. You will need to request an inspection at the start of the work and any further inspections needed. These will depend on the project and the officer will let you know which ones you will need.

Types of inspections

The number and type of inspections needed will depend on the scale and nature of the work. When our surveyor comes out to the property or structure, they will look at a variety of aspects of the build. This helps them to determine what needs to be inspected.

Inspection A few of the things that we may check
Commencement The commencement inspection usually coincides with one of the inspections below
Foundation excavation Excavation depth and width, ground conditions, reinforcement (if required)
Ground floor oversite Damp proof membrane, insulation, sub floor preparation reinforcement (if required)
Drainage Falls, connections, protection when passing through foundations, rodding access
Intermediate Steel beams, general structure, fire resistance
Pre-plaster Thermal, and sound insulation, vapour control layers, fire resistance, staircase
Roof inspection Roof timber sizes and structural arrangement, weather proof membrane, insulation
Completion Windows, doors, ventilation, alarms (smoke/carbon dioxide), staircase, safety glazing, extractor fans, disabled access and fire safety

How do I book an inspection?

If you submit your request before 4pm on a weekday your inspection will be the next working day. You will receive an email by 5pm confirming the inspection. If you have submitted your request after 4pm, the inspection will take place two working days after. You can also call us: 0300 123 7027 to book.

Please ensure that you have paid your application fees before booking an inspection.

Request an inspection

When you are ready to start building work or you want to book an inspection just let us know.

Notification of starting work

What happens next?

One of our officers will come out to inspect the work. The officer will aim to visit between 9am and 2pm, they can arrive earlier than 9am or later than 2pm, depending on their workload.

Can the officer ring me to arrange an inspection time?

We cannot guarantee this every time, however if you would like an indication of when your inspection is likely to be, please call us on 0300 123 7027 and ask to be put through to the inspecting surveyor.