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CIL stages

Stage 1 planning application

New planning applications must be submitted with a completed CIL Additional Questions form and any other supporting information necessary to determine a planning application.

The information provided on the CIL additional questions form will enable us to determine whether your development is liable for CIL and, if so, enable us to calculate the chargeable amount. Failure to supply this information will invalidate your application and lead to delays with your planning application.

If your development has existing floor space that will be demolished as part of the planning application, this floor space can be used as a deduction against the CIL charge. In order to deduct existing floor space you must be able to demonstrate the existing floor space has been in continual use for at least six months in the previous three years. You must supply evidence to support your claim.

If we have not received any information about existing floor space prior to commencement development, under Regulation 40, we can deem any existing floor space to be zero when we calculate the CIL charge.

All forms are available from the Planning Portal but should be returned to us at the Council.