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CIL stages

Stage 3 Issue of Liability Notice

Once you have received planning approval for a CIL liable development and have submitted the Assumption of Liability Notice we will issue a CIL Liability Notice. In the situation where a planning permission is granted on appeal the CIL Liability Notice will be issued following that appeal, on the basis that the Assumption of Liability Notice has already been submitted.

The Liability Notice provides a breakdown of the CIL amount that is due for the development. This notice includes the chargeable floor space of the development and any floor space that may be eligible for relief or exemption.

Whenever CIL liability changes a new liability notice will be issued. This could be due to exemption/relief claims, appeal decisions, surcharges, changes to parties that are liable for the CIL charge etc.

Interested parties (i.e. freeholders and leaseholders), where known, will be sent a copy of the liability information.

The CIL charge will be registered on the Land Charges Register once a CIL Liability Notice is issued.

CIL liability is calculated on the gross internal area (GIA) of the buildings. For a definition of GIA, and for information on how CIL is calculated, see CIL Charges and calculating CIL.

Appealing against a Liability Notice

If you consider that your CIL liability has been calculated incorrectly, you can request that we recalculate it. If, following recalculation, you still consider the amount is incorrect appeals can be made to: