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Permitted development

You can perform certain types of work without needing to apply for planning permission. Some minor works are allowed as 'permitted development' and planning permission is granted automatically with no planning application required. Very minor work may not require planning permission. Guidance on rules that relate to permitted development can be found on the Planning Portal website or in the Government's technical guidance.

Removal of rights

Sometimes the ability to carry out work under permitted development rights is specifically removed from certain properties by us, either through a condition on a previous planning permission or under an 'Article 4 direction'.

Article 4 directions restricting external changes are most common in conservation areas. If you live in a conservation area and want to carry out external alterations or construct outbuildings in your garden you should contact us to ask whether your house is covered by an ‘Article 4 direction’. This can be done via our general enquiry form. 

General enquiry

If your house was built after 1974 you can also check the original planning permission for your property/estate to see if one of the conditions of planning permission was that no further development could be carried out without an application being made to us. Planning applications from 1974 onwards are available on our search facility. Our search facility can also be used to find out if a development has planning permission.

In certain parts of Chester, permitted development rights have been removed that would otherwise have allowed houses to change to houses in multiple occupation (HMO). If you are intending to change a house to an HMO, you can find out more about these Article 4 directions in our planning policy pages.

If your plans do not fall under permitted development you will need to find out more about what permissions, consents and approvals you need. 

Lawful development certificate

If you would like to formally clarify whether your proposal is permitted development you can apply via the Planning Portal website.