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Local Landscape Character Assessment - Landscape Strategy 2016

Landscape Character Assessment is the distinct and recognisable pattern of elements that occur consistently in a particular landscape.

Particular combinations of geology, landform, soils, vegetation, land use, field patterns and human settlement create character. Character is a tool for identifying the features which makes each part of the landscape distinct and gives each its sense of place. Each character area has its own identity, even though it may share some generic characteristics with other areas.

Landscape Character is crucial in development control so we understand the character of the landscape and when we consider how it might change. Whilst understanding that change in the landscape is inevitable, judgments can be made against landscape character when assessing change. Landscape character can protect, enhance or influence this change.

Landscape Character Assessments can be applied at a number of different scales. We have produced a Landscape Strategy which incorporates 16 Landscape Character Types with.

Cheshire West and Chester Landscape Strategy 2016

The new Landscape Strategy both incorporates and upgrades the previous three legacy Landscape Character Assessments.

The aims of the Landscape Strategy include:

  • informing on new planning policies on landscape, as well as supplementary planning documents
  • guiding and informing the development control process
  • promoting public awareness of landscape character and the importance of conservation and enhancement of the landscape
  • guiding and informing project planning by local and national agencies
  • assisting the formulation of landscape management policies

The Landscape Strategy document can be downloaded below:

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